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My Top 13 Halloween Movies!

The spooky season is upon us once again! For cineastes, that means putting together a marathon of films to watch on Halloween. In keeping with the festivities, I’ve decided to start a tradition on this blog of listing my top 13 movies to watch on Halloween. This year, I’m listing my top 13 comedic Halloween movies: Continue reading

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The Original Version Was Better!

After having recently watched the new versions of Day the Earth Stood Still and Sleepy Hollow, I started thinking about remakes. When is it worthwhile to do a remake? In my own opinion, it’s worth remaking a film if it … Continue reading

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Film, TV, & Modern Media as the New Mythology

In the 1988 mini-series “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth,” one of the ideas Campbell explores is that fictional media (TV, radio, movies, etc) have taken the place of traditional mythology (religious texts/rituals/verbal histories) in the American culture. He further posits that this new mythology is insufficient to support the American psyche in the same way as ancient religions. Is this so? Continue reading

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The Angsty, Angsty Antihero

My previous post about superheroes got me thinking about the rising popularity of antiheroes. In attempting to define antiheroes, however, there seems to be some conflict as to whether an antihero is a protagonist who happens to be a villain or just a severely flawed hero… Continue reading

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