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Date Night Should Have Been Titled “Two Sketch Comedians On The Town”

The 2010 movie Date Night was an interesting attempt at portraying a boring, middle aged, suburban couple caught in a comedic maelstrom of intrigue and adventure. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that the writer (whose only other credits are a horror … Continue reading

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New Scholarship, Festival, and Contest Page!

Hey there, everybody! If you’ll direct your attentions to the list of links at the bottom of the banner for this website, you’ll notice that I’ve added a new page. This page contains a list of links to websites for … Continue reading

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400 Hits!

Hey, readers! The ol’ FPC blog has reached 400 hits. Considering it’s been around for more than a few months (only a month or so until FPC’s one-year anniversary), that’s a pretty wimpy turnout. I’m preparing to start an FPC … Continue reading

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Some Shows Are Only Good When You’re Tired

Since television became available for streaming over the internet, I’ve realized something that was impossible to notice when I used to watch TV on a programmed schedule. There were a few shows, which shall remain nameless, that I used to … Continue reading

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A Modern Perspective on King Lear

Just a few brief thoughts. . . In watching the 1984 TV version of King Lear last week, it occurred to me that this story would take on quite a different interpretation in modern times. Perhaps it’s over-simplified, but as … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

  This is a cheesy video I took a couple years ago. I already had it uploaded to YouTube, so I thought why not post it for you guys. I’ll post one with a little higher production value next time.

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The Disappearance of the Wide-Eyed, Idealistic Hero

In the last decade, mass media in the United States has seen many changes in the way characters and stories are written. One change which I consider to be particularly unfortunate is the gradual, yet rapid, decline in the use … Continue reading

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