Review: Thor: Ragnarok


Story: Thor and other characters from previous Marvel films team up to save Asgard from an evil being (saying anything more would be a spoiler, sorry).

Review: This movie is HILARIOUS. The plot/story is pretty generic, but it doesn’t matter because it’s only there as a platform for all the great comedy writing. I can hardly believe this is a sequel to the ultra-boring original Thor movie, but clearly they’ve grown a lot as filmmakers since then. They take every possible opportunity to tell jokes – and further kudos to them for leaning hard into the cheap laughs. The actors and editors to a really excellent job of over-under acting at the right moments and getting the timing just right on delivery of punchlines. Even the visual gags that are predictable are still funny because they go that extra couple of inches to make it more ridiculous. The action is okay, and the visual effects are stunning in parts (look at even the detail in the pretty rainbow bridge above! Ooo!), but more importantly this is the best comedy I’ve seen in years.

Recommended for: Marvel superhero movie fans, people who like comedy and laugh at a good fart joke.

Content notes: (7+) – Monsters with glowing eyes and some blood/goo spatter situations.

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