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Weekly Mini-Review: Bananas (1971)

Story: A nebbish product-tester pretends to be interested in loopy political groups to impress a girl. When the relationship falls through, he takes an already planned trip to a small Latin American country and gets forced into becoming part of … Continue reading

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Weekly Mini-Review: Death Wish (1974)

Story: After hoodlums attack his wife and daughter, a man goes on a vigilante killing spree to reduce the number of violent criminals on the streets of New York. Review: The first, and possibly the least gratuitously (and graphically) violent, … Continue reading

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The Spontaneous Precipitation of Fairy Tale Rip offs

At first the sudden appearance TV shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time seemed fallout from the not one but two movies about Snow White made in the last year or so. But that was only the beginning. Now … Continue reading

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Socio-Political Symbolism in Dracula

Robert Sklar said the horror movies of the 1930s, like the 1931 film Dracula, expressed the public’s “fear for the survival their society and pleasure at seeing someone… vent his rage at it” (179). Rather than venting rage, one could suppose that it was more along the premise of seizing personal power over society Continue reading

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The Original Version Was Better!

After having recently watched the new versions of Day the Earth Stood Still and Sleepy Hollow, I started thinking about remakes. When is it worthwhile to do a remake? In my own opinion, it’s worth remaking a film if it … Continue reading

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