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The Top 20 Feminist Movies of All Time

A lot of films try really hard to portray women in some ‘correct’ way, but they often fall short by either avoiding one stereotype so hard that they end up with another equally flat stereotype or else they just ring … Continue reading

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Weekly Mini-Review: Avalon High (2010)

I’m going to break with precedent here and forgo the screen grab because the phrase “Da Mouse is litigious” has been ground into my subconscious. Story: A girl with King Arthur scholars for parents finds herself attending a conveniently named … Continue reading

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What is Feminist Media?

There seem to be several different definitions for the term “feminist cinema,” (or TV, as the case may be). To some, unfortunately, it means films with self-proclaimed “bitches” who spend an hour-and-a-half man-bashing, complaining about cosmetics/shaving and other methods of hair removal/magazine … Continue reading

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