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Weekly Mini-Review: On Golden Pond (1981)

Story: Family dynamics between an old couple, their daughter, and the son of her husband-to-be change when everyone visits during a summer at the family cabin. Review: The cinematography in this movie is absolutely phenomenal: indoor, outdoor, and nature photography … Continue reading

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Weekly Mini-Review: Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Story: Upon the death of a wealthy Englishman, his son denies any inheritance to his step mother and his three half-sisters. This forces them to move to the country, where husbands are slimmer pickings. The two older sisters chase men, … Continue reading

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A Modern Perspective on King Lear

Just a few brief thoughts. . . In watching the 1984 TV version of King Lear last week, it occurred to me that this story would take on quite a different interpretation in modern times. Perhaps it’s over-simplified, but as … Continue reading

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The Original Version Was Better!

After having recently watched the new versions of Day the Earth Stood Still and Sleepy Hollow, I started thinking about remakes. When is it worthwhile to do a remake? In my own opinion, it’s worth remaking a film if it … Continue reading

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