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What is Feminist Media?

There seem to be several different definitions for the term “feminist cinema,” (or TV, as the case may be). To some, unfortunately, it means films with self-proclaimed “bitches” who spend an hour-and-a-half man-bashing, complaining about cosmetics/shaving and other methods of hair removal/magazine … Continue reading

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The Disappearance of the Wide-Eyed, Idealistic Hero

In the last decade, mass media in the United States has seen many changes in the way characters and stories are written. One change which I consider to be particularly unfortunate is the gradual, yet rapid, decline in the use … Continue reading

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The Future of the MPAA Ratings System

One of the primary complaints I hear and read from critics of the current ratings system is that it prevents NC-17 (X-rated) movies from being shown in most theaters and decreases advertising venues for such films. It is for this reason that, when filmmakers claim they are being forced to edit/censor their movies, what they’re actually complaining about is that their movies will receive a higher rating in its original form and, thus, be less likely to rake in significant revenues. Continue reading

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The Angsty, Angsty Antihero

My previous post about superheroes got me thinking about the rising popularity of antiheroes. In attempting to define antiheroes, however, there seems to be some conflict as to whether an antihero is a protagonist who happens to be a villain or just a severely flawed hero… Continue reading

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