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A Modern Perspective on King Lear

Just a few brief thoughts. . . In watching the 1984 TV version of King Lear last week, it occurred to me that this story would take on quite a different interpretation in modern times. Perhaps it’s over-simplified, but as … Continue reading

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Why Go to Film School? (Part 1)

If you look around on the internet, there are some pretty convincing arguments against the idea of going to school to learn about filmmaking, mostly revolving around the cost or the time and effort it takes to earn a degree. … Continue reading

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The Future of the MPAA Ratings System

One of the primary complaints I hear and read from critics of the current ratings system is that it prevents NC-17 (X-rated) movies from being shown in most theaters and decreases advertising venues for such films. It is for this reason that, when filmmakers claim they are being forced to edit/censor their movies, what they’re actually complaining about is that their movies will receive a higher rating in its original form and, thus, be less likely to rake in significant revenues. Continue reading

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Television Was Theater, Television is Cinema

More often than not, those discussing the history of television tend to focus on changes in social content or technology. Interesting though those topics may be, my thoughts linger on the change in style and presentation. Continue reading

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You’re a Film Student? Go See a Play!

Among some film academicians, there seems to be a strange attitude that film and theater are completely different and unrelated to one another. Quite to the contrary…. Continue reading

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