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Does Film School Make You Watch More or Less Movies?

One of the funnier aspects of being in a real bonafide film school now is that all of the teachers continuously prod students to watch more TV and movies. This is hilarious to me because I accustomed to watching hours … Continue reading

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Where’s All the Good TV Gone?

The Situation With the preponderance of “reality” shows, game shows, and just poorly written primetime soap operas masquerading as sit-coms and ‘dramas,’ it’s getting increasingly difficult to find more than a couple of shows worth watching. Even I (who used … Continue reading

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New Scholarship, Festival, and Contest Page!

Hey there, everybody! If you’ll direct your attentions to the list of links at the bottom of the banner for this website, you’ll notice that I’ve added a new page. This page contains a list of links to websites for … Continue reading

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Television Was Theater, Television is Cinema

More often than not, those discussing the history of television tend to focus on changes in social content or technology. Interesting though those topics may be, my thoughts linger on the change in style and presentation. Continue reading

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Boom Times for Film and Video Makers

Web video has become very profitable and there will be huge increases in motion picture / video related job markets. In other words, now is a good time to be a filmmaker. Continue reading

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