Seven Movies For St. Patrick’s Day

Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Aside from the innate humor of seeing Sean Connery sing and dance, in a Disney movie no less, this is actually a very entertaining movie in its own right. The story is basically about a man named Darby O’Gill (played by Albert Sharpe) who tries to trick various supernatural powers (mostly leprechauns) into giving him what he wants and the back-and-forth incidents that occur as a result. I highly recommend this film for anyone who just wants to see something imaginative and charming.

The Quiet Man (1952)

This is a beautifully shot movie, which is unsurprising since it was directed by John Ford. It stars John Wayne as a retired American boxer who moves to Ireland and soon falls for and marries a highly spirited country girl (played by Maureen O’Hara). Cultural misunderstandings wreak a little havoc on their relationship, but it all comes together in the end with a truly silly fight between the protagonist and his brother-in-law. This movie is well worth watching for both the pretty cinematography and the acting/writing of the comedic characters.

Top o’ the Morning (1949)

Bing Crosby (playing an Irish-American insurance investigator) and Barry Fitzgerald (playing the local Irish policeman) team up to solve the mystery of who stole the Blarney Stone, and who’s using it to cover up other crimes. This is an entertaining musical comedy, that happens to be a crime movie as well. It contains some traditional Irish folk songs that are most amusing.

Irish Luck (1939)

This is a comedy/mystery about a bellhop (whose mother is Irish) who solves a murder in a hotel. This film doesn’t really focus that much on the Irish aspects of the characters, but it’s still a cute little movie.

The Gnome-Mobile (1967)

This movie stars Walter Brennan and the same boy and girl from Mary Poppins as a wealthy old fellow and his grandkids who help out some lost gnomes. It’s a pretty goofy movie for adults, but it’s sure to please little kids. I really loved it when I was little.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)

This could probably be considered just as much of a old people movie as an Irish movie. Actually, though, it reminded me a little of Last of the Summer Wine – only a little more crude. I think any detailed description could almost be considered a spoiler so I’ll just say that it’s a movie about ridiculous old Irishmen in a little town and leave it at that. It’s worth a watch.

Evelyn (2002)

This is a somewhat tragic film with a happy, and rather sweet, ending. Okay, yes, part of this film takes place around Christmas, but it’s an exceedingly Irish movie. This film stars Pierce Brosnan as a father whose daughter is taken away by the state when his wife abandons her family. Like I said, it’s a bit of a tear jerker, but it’s well written and acted. Besides, a little political commentary is good for ya!

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