Weekly Mini-Review: The Lorax (2012)

Screen shot from The Lorax

Screen shot from The Lorax

Story: A boy living in a plastic city goes in search of a real tree to impress a girl, but after hearing the story of how the environment was ruined by corporate greed, he tries to bring back nature.

Review: Overall, not a bad movie. The music is okay, if a tad on-the-nose lyric-wise. But cartoons aren’t noted for subtlety, so I guess I can forgive excessively heavy-handed rhetoric. The visual imagery of the CGI tufty, pink trees is especially spiffy. The bears, as one might expect, are pretty funny. Not so sure if bears can eat marshmallows though. It has three high-pitched fish that I can only assume are taken straight from the three mice in the movie Babe. The dialogue and voice actors for the humans are about average. Not bad, not great. The music is passable. The Lorax character himself is just obnoxious enough where it can be hard to stay on his side at times, but he’s supposed to be a nuisance for the inventor/capitalist so it makes enough sense.

I’ll see if I can get a hold of the 1972 version so I can compare.

Recommended for: Dr Seuss fans, CGI animation fans

Content notes: (G)

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