Weekly Mini-Review: The Uninvited (1944)

Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey as the lead roles in The Uninvited

Story: A brother and sister buy and old mansion from an old man who wants to keep it away from the girl whose mother died there. But she’s is drawn to the house, and the brother, and the house is haunted – really haunted. There’s a twist at the end, but I won’t spoil it.

Review: One of my favorite ghost story movies. Good acting by Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey (who I also mention because she has a funny name). Also, a great villain played by Cornelia Otis Skinner. The story revolving around the villain *mild spoiler* is reminiscent of the 1940 film Rebecca, but much better carried off.  Nice writing and cinematography all around, and a really jolly good twist at the end.

Recommended for: People who like corny old mystery/suspense/thriller ghost movies.

Content notes: (G) (or PG, if your kids reeealy get scare easily)

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