Weekly Mini-Review: Sense and Sensibility (1995)


Story: Upon the death of a wealthy Englishman, his son denies any inheritance to his step mother and his three half-sisters. This forces them to move to the country, where husbands are slimmer pickings. The two older sisters chase men, and vice versa, through a series of social and emotional hoops.

Review: Not as good as the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series, but this might have been largely due to the fact that they had to squeeze the whole story into feature film length. The editor made some stark and unsubtle, yet likely necessary cuts to accomplish this. Also, the lead actress looks a bit too old for the part and some of the actresses have a more modern feel that they should. They don’t seem to fit in the era. That said, it’s fun to see a large portion of the supporting cast from the Harry Potter movies in another film during their younger years. Overall not bad. Not great either, but not bad.

Recommended for: Jane Austen movie fans, period English melodrama fans

Content notes: (G) – Safe for anyone to watch.

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