Weekly Mini-Review: Johnny English Reborn (2011)


Story: After going into hiding to avoid the shame of a flubbed mission years before, an older Johnny English is trained in martial arts by monks and called back into action to catch a ring of assassins.

Review: The comedy in this sequel alternates between over-the-top gags and humor so dry it chafes, but doesn’t rely on embarrassment-humor quite as much as the first one. Most of the best jokes are actually fogey humor (viz., the bad guy runs frantically while Johnny saunters behind/takes an elevator and catches him anyway), but a lot of it also relies on the premise copied in the show Spy wherein the protagonist is highly trained despite being a goof.

Recommended for: fans of adventurous-old-man-movies, fans of spy spoofs

Content Notes: (10+) – Some crude humor

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