Weekly Mini-Review: Bananas (1971)

Story: A nebbish product-tester pretends to be interested in loopy political groups to impress a girl. When the relationship falls through, he takes an already planned trip to a small Latin American country and gets forced into becoming part of its national politics.

Review: To call this movie absurdist would be an understatement – which is one of the reasons it’s worth watching. Gags like a group of musicians pretending to play, in total silence, is one of those things that a screenwriting teacher would never allow in a final draft. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely hilarious! Allen’s relationship humor is, as usual, nothing worth paying much attention to. But it’s in there so randomly that it can easily be ignored. Overall, worth watching.

Recommended for: Fans of Sleeper, Zelig, and the few several actually funny Woody Allen movies.

Content notes: (14+) – Some nudity and crude verbal jokes/dialogue.

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