Movie Nerdity Quiz

Answer 100 questions and compete for the title of biggest movie nerd!

Some of the questions may seem unfair, but they’re evened out by others so don’t worry. It’s all in fun.

Personal habits:
1. Have you ever written a review of a movie?

2. Are you watching a movie right now, as you take the quiz?

3. If so, have you already seen it multiple times?

4. Have you ever seen a silent movie?

5. Have you ever seen a foreign language movie?

6.  Have you ever watched a movie with the sound off just to gain a different interpretation?

7. Do you have a subscription to a mail-order movie rental service?

8. Do you watch more than one movie per week?

9. ...more than three movies per week?

10. ...more than seven movies per week?

11. Have you ever watched a movie you knew you wouldn’t like just so you could have an opinion about it?

12. ...more than once?

13. Has anyone ever told you that your eyes light up when you talk about movies?

14. Have you ever binge-watched movies all night?

15. ...for two or more consecutive days?

16. Have you ever used a dream to fix bad writing in a movie you watched by dreaming an alternate, “better” version?

17. Do you read screenplays for fun?

18. Do you read screenplays more often than books?

19. Does a substantial portion of your daily vocabulary consist of movie or TV quotes/references?

20. Have you ever read the manual for a video camera you didn’t own?

21. While waiting in airports or other crowded areas, do you make up movies in your head to entertain yourself?

22. Do you imagine that the people around you are characters in the movie you're imagining?

23. Have you ever memorized a scene in a movie and acted it out for friends and/or family?

24. Have you ever memorized an entire movie?

25. Have you ever watched movies for so long without moving that parts of you fell asleep?

26. While seeing a movie in a theater, do you refuse to leave in the middle of the movie for bathroom breaks?

27. ... do you stay, even if it starts to hurt?

28. you stay, even if it’s on TV and not in a theater but has no commercial breaks?

29. Do you watch movies while you do chores (e.g. cooking, cleaning)?

30. Have you ever watched a movie while doing unrelated homework (e.g. math, chemistry)?

31. Have you ever visited

32. ...have you visited in the last week?


34. Do you have an IMDB account?

35. Have you ever watched every available version of a movie in chronological order (e.g. the 1939, 1969, and 2002 TV version of “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”) in one sitting?

36. Have you ever compared/contrasted two filmmakers (George Lucas vs. Tim Burton, etc.)?

37. Have you seen the 1986 movie “F/X”?

38. Have you seen the 1988 movie “The Wizard of Speed and Time”?

Formal Education & Knowledge:
39. Have you ever taken a film studies class?

40. Have you ever known more about movies/ film history than your film teacher?

41. Have you ever taken a film production class?

42. Have you ever majored in film/video?

43. Do you know the difference between story and plot?

44. Do you know the rule-of-thirds?

45. Have you ever used the term mise en scène (correctly) in a sentence?

46. Have you ever debated whether or not sound is part of mise en scène?

47. Have you ever used the phrase “deep-space composition”?

48. Have you ever used the phrase “deep-focus cinematography”?

49. Have you ever written a screenplay?

50. Have you ever considered learning a foreign language just to gain a further appreciation of films from that country?

51. Did you follow through and learn the language?

Answer YES if you know what the following acronyms/abbreviations stand for.
52. CU

53. MS (there are two correct meanings for this abbreviation)?

54. ECU?

55. XCU?

56. OS?

57. VO?

58. POV?

59. SPFX?

60. FPS?

61. ADR?

62. Do you own a video camera?

63. Do you own an HD video camera?

64. Do you own a tripod?

65. Do you use a separate microphone and/or headphones with your camera?

66. Do you own a copy of Final Draft or Movie Magic?

67. Do you own a copy of Final Cut Pro or Avid?

68. Do you own a film history book?

68. ...more than one?

70. Do you own any copies of screenplays written by someone else?

71. Have you ever owned a movie poster?

72. Do you use movie posters as wallpaper?

73. Do you own any props from famous movies?

Do you have subscriptions to (or read regularly) any of the following periodicals:
74. Cineaste?

75. Filmmaker?

76. Variety?

77. Any film/video oriented magazines?

78. Any film/video oriented scholarly journals?

Interpersonal relations & activities:
79. No matter what topic you start out on, do most of you conversations turn to film or television sooner or later?

80. Have you ever joined a film club?

81. Have you ever founded a film club?

82. Have you ever gone to a film festival?

83. Have you ever founded a film festival?

84. Are most of the gifts you buy for others DVDs/tapes of movies or TV episodes?

85. Have you ever chosen to watch a movie over interacting with friends/family?

86. Have you ever made a movie (not a home-movie of a birthday, but one with a planned narrative)?

87. Have you ever coerced friends/family into being the cast or crew of one of your own movies?

88. ...more than once?

89. Have you ever entered a film/video contest?

90. Do friends/family call, text, or email you with questions about obscure film trivia?

91. ...for reviews and/or recommendations?

92. Have you ever rewound a sequence in a movie to analyze it more carefully, while family/friends were trying to watch too?

93. When visiting relatives, do you look through their movie collection for films you haven’t seen so you can borrow them?

94. Has anyone ever bought you a DVR or a tape recorder in hopes of getting you away from the TV more often?

The Movie Nerdity Quiz:
95. Did you enjoy taking this quiz?

96. Have you taken this quiz more than once?

97. Did you resort to lying in order to raise your score?

98.  Did you resort to lying in order to lower your score?

99. Are you currently competing with someone else for the highest score on this test (or were contemplating it)?

100. Have you ever thought of a question that belongs on this test? ***Please submit it to me after the quiz***